What to do with out of town guests…Bozeman

Have you ever wondered whats behind the large walls of the Grizzly encounter, located between off i-90 on the way to Livingston?  We checked it out this week and enjoyed our encounter with Bella the bear, at a safe distance.  The Grizzly encounter is a rescue operation for grizzlies – most have been abandoned for some reason by their mothers.  The Encounter currently has 3 adults and 1 cub but only one at a time is visible to visitors.  In the viewing area, there is an education staff person who will tell all you’ve ever wanted to know about grizzlies. The Grizzly Encounter is definitely worth a stop sometime!  http://grizzlyencounter.org/

After our time out there we came back to Bozeman, had a nice lunch at Fire on Main https://www.firepizzabozeman.com/ and then shopped around.  Our guests enjoyed the unique Tees at Intrigue Ink and Montana Scene. https://intrigue.ink/  https://www.themontanascene.com/ We also wandered around the art galleries and enjoyed the western art at Old Main Art Gallery, A.Banks Gallery, and Montana Trails Gallery.  Our guest picked up a few souvenirs at the Altitude Gallery.  https://www.abanksgallery.com/ ,  https://oldmaingallery.com/ , https://altitudegallerybozeman.com/ , https://www.montanatrails.com/ .

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