Why Windermere?


There are quite a few options out there when choosing a real estate agent to help you sell or purchase your home.  Why should you choose Windermere?


I write this blog having been a Windermere agent for 10 years in Seattle and having just joined the Windermere office in Downtown Bozeman.  Here are my reasons why I think Windermere has more to offer than other firms.


  1. Windermere is committed to providing their agents with the most up-to-date technology and tools to do their jobs. That means that you, as the client, have access to the most recent data and marketing techniques to accomplish your goals.  Did you know that the Windermere company has a Chief Economist on staff who interprets past data but also does economic projections so we are ahead of the trend curve?  And in these turbulent times, who doesn’t need a little help making sense of it all?
  2. Windermere offices and their agents are committed to their communities. Every agent donates money to the Windermere Foundation which then distributes money and help to local charities.  Each Windermere office aligns itself with a charitable cause every year and sponsors Community Service Day to work for that cause.
  3. Windermere agents and their offices are woven into the fabric of the community they serve. Look around next time you are at a neighborhood meeting or chamber of commerce and I bet you will encounter a Windermere agent.
  4. Windermere is a family. While that may not seem important to a client, it is.  We receive all kinds of support from our office owner and the corporate entity that helps us be better agents.  We have educational opportunities not only on topics such as technology and trends but things like time management, work/life balance, social media training etc.  Our agents spend time together discussing and sharing obstacles, opportunities and successes.  You can be sure that a member of the family will always be supported by the rest of our office and our company.  We are all there for you.


I hope that you can see that I love Windermere and believe in its values as a company.  I believe that we are held to a very high standard by our company because they give us so much to work with and want the best agents in the community and marketplace working for them.  In turn, you get the best agents and the best company working for you!


All In, For You.


Take a look at this video that our office recently put together.  So much fun.

Posted on November 19, 2019 at 9:22 pm
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